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Becoming a mother isn't easy! Whether you're seasoned or just beginning, a Doula can provide the emotional and physical support you need. I specialize in holistic health education to support a healthy and wholesome birth journey for my clients. Watch the video for more details. 

Virtual Doula


You will receive all of the benefits of the birthing package except it will be conducted via video chat. You can also expect your special Postpartum Healing Basket in the mail. You will receive invaluable information about your journey to labor and birth, emotional support phone calls, coaching for you and your partner or designated hype man so that they can support you correctly at the birth. Although I won’t attend the live birth, you can call me virtually to receive emotional and physical coaching until it is time to push your bundle of joy out. 

I CAN: Infertility Consulting


I will work with moms trying to conceive who may have had miscarriages and overall difficulty conceiving. The mother will also receive a package to start her journey of healing. I will be a supporting sister along the way of conceiving again or with her first child. The total price for consulting you through conception is $400. We must first establish an initial consultation below.