Major Decisions


Have you ever wondered what will you major in in college? What would actually be your career after high school? Why can you not succeed in your major? Or even what is your purpose?

Well this post will help you figure that out.

First answer this question. What are you good at? (Waits for response) Now answer this question. Where do you see your self making a change?

I have had the hardest time deciding my major. I made the decision harder than it had to be. I have always had a gift to teach.My family is filled with retired teachers as well as teachers. Teaching has always come naturally to me. I never had to just try.

My freshman year I had it all planned out that  I would go to med school. I found myself MISERABLE. Dreading every single class.

One semester I volunteered at my mom’s school. I tutored one of the most precious kids ever. Her parents would not bring her to school so she was behind. At the end of the session she asked me if I worked at the school.I quickly tried to change the subject. I told her that I was not an employee there,and I was in school to be a doctor which sounds good out loud doesn’t it. “Doctor Perkins.”

She started to frown ,and she said I wish you were my teacher. That moment I realized why I was so sad. I WAS IN THE WRONG MAJOR.

My advice to you is to VOLUNTEER,and LISTEN to the people God places in your life.They  are in your life for a reason. Even the smallest encounters can go a long way.

This one volunteer experience turned my mental around,and I requested with my adviser as well as the Records office to change my major. My new major is English ,and I love it! I still have challenging classes nothing in life is easy,but I am happy and content.

Hope this post empowers you to reevaluate your major. Until next post!

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