The Glow Up

Hello Mo’s readers. How are you on today?(Waits for responds) Well on today I will be celebrating my birthday!!!! I have turned 22. Can you say I feel old?

I decided to tell you guys a little testimony from 21 until now. As a 21 year old, I have developed into something unimaginable. I got inducted into Sigma Tau Delta which is the International English Honor Society as well as joined Futuro which is a professional organization for Latino Americans. No I am not Latino,I just love them so much and it is my minor. Which I would encourage everyone to minor in a foreign language,but that’s for another post.I also started to do better in school because I realized my purpose in life.

This summer I also started my blog site. When I tell you I love to read and write, I love to read and write. I received my license which I would like to stress you are never to old to receive.I transitioned from being a junior in college to being a senior.

With the good also came the bad. My father passed unexpectedly, I lost my scholarship, and I got into my first car wreck while driving by myself.

Some days I would wonder why do bad things happen to to good people.

But this is not to point out the bad things, it is to simply highlight how my good had out weighed my bad. I am still here by the grace of God. I do believe in a higher power because I have experienced it. I am not trying to preach to anyone ,but I am trying to encourage.

We glow through alot, and with glowing there are some unexpected shortages. There are always turns and leaps we would have never expected,but with God ANYTHING is possible. Try Him for yourself. Call his name in the midst of a storm,and he will tell the rainbow show.

My birthday is a symbol of strength and blessings. Fun fact: My name means strength as well,and I am willing to bet you that your name means something. You have purpose, that’s why you are still here. We both have a calling,and I am calling you out to know that every breath is a blessing. No matter how many birthdays we have ,our situations positive and negative shape us and humble us. Be humbled. Share your story with others. The good and the bad. It makes you feel better,and you never know who you will reach!

Until Mo post. Peace. Love.and Happiness.

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